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Marine Keratin Infused Mask is an SOS instant repair treatment for dry, damaged, dull or frizzy hair. This revolutionary anti-aging product is as effective as a luxurious salon’s keratin treatment while literally shaves off damages of time from your hair.  Loaded with the most treasured secrets of the sea, the KIM, (as it is affectionately referred to by fans), envelopes each hair strand with a shiny protective cover, preventing frizz & hair breakage. The KIM infuses moisture & vitamins to your hair for a healthy, glowing look.

The KIM’s proven attributes have earned her sworn followers among woman while its fruity summer-scent makes it a favorite among teenage girls.

Instructions: Place desired amount on your palms and rub it through the fingers, then run along your hair. Style as usual. For optimal results, shampoo your hair with Marine nourishing shampoo & Marine revitalizing mask.

Our stylist’s tip: Put a freeze on your frizz! After shampooing & conditioning your hair, turn the cold water on for a few seconds and quickly rinse it through your locks. It helps seal the cuticle, (the envelop of your hair) adding a sleek finish to your hair.

Size: 500 ml

also avalible in:

150 ml (travel size)

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