Our Story


MIMON Cosmetics Launches Marin Professional series – a series of care products fortified with nutrients and unique mineral from the sea.

Keratin B is derived from Red seaweed from the depths of the sea , the unique Red seaweed is proven with anti-aging properties in cosmetics and in the pharmaceutical industry forward .

After a long research and development ,  we developed a formula that allows you to benefit from the strength of the ocean for the first time treatment , even for your hair. The legendary riches of the sea along with the years of experience of MIMON Cosmetics spawned a series unfolds to you the secrets of professional hair stylists perfect hair : healthy , soft , shiny and full of movement .

Marine and RED seaweed

Marine is a unique series thanks to a variety of minerals from the sea, such as keratin B derived from Red seaweed, but the most prominent is the uniqueness of the Red seaweed known mostly as grants salmon color, but it turns out he is also a powerful antioxidant and proven research, which has become a favorite material in nutritional supplements and health foods. Yields active substance secreted from it when it extremes of high temperature, for example, and it exists in different concentrations.
The factory we use is considered one of the two factories in the world capable of such a concentration and high cleanliness of the active ingredient in the seaweed.

In the cosmetics industry, the Red seaweed is a star for several years within  use for anti-aging tonics for face skin, but never used it for hair, now we Marine.

The benefits of Marine:
Marine series is currently the only hair products with the active ingredient that is made of the Red seaweed.
The hair looks healthy and clean with natural shine.
Keratin B  extracted from Red seaweed.


AVI MIMON, CEO Cosmetics funding, there were two big love – the beach and hair care.

The majority of his time spent as a child in the sea vacancies, draws different materials.  As a teenage he was already an hair stylist and had big dreams.

At the age of 21 Avi packed his bags and went to conquer New York without knowing the language and without a job or a place to stay. He rented a chair in a barbershop and soon customers began to flock to him. Avi was called “Hair Whisperer ” he was intuition understand of what each head individually have to get for maximum flexibility, natural movement hair style.

After years in New York owning his own hair salon on Fifth Avenue, he returned to Israel to bring the gospel Yuko System – the original Japanese hair straightening.

Avi created the market for smoothing hair the country from scratch and simultaneously began to look for solutions to the vulnerable hair that was sensetive to the Israeli Mediterranean climate.
Marine prestigious series is the result of extensive experience combined with the best active ingredients of the highest quality. Marine series unfolds to you the secrets of professional hair stylists perfect hair.